Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management Services are individualized services that are coordinated to help children and adults with a serious mental illness or a severe emotional disorder reach their full potential in the home, work, and community environments. These services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Assessing family strengths and needs and conducting periodic reassessments
  • Developing service plans that emphasize strengths and develop weaknesses
  • Facilitating collaborative team meetings with all service providers
  • Monitoring progress with service plan goals & objectives
  • Tracking appointments with all service providers
  • Advocating to ensure appropriate, timely, and effective treatment and support services.
  • Helping bridge the gap between child and adult services.
  • Helping access needed medical, social, educational, behavioral or other services.
  • Making referrals or suggesting related activities to assist in obtaining needed services.
  • Accessing wrap-around services as needed.
  • Providing crisis assistance as needed and developing crisis plans.
  • Coordinating services between school, social services, mental health, primary care physicians, & hospitals.
  • Facilitating Service Team Meetings with other agencies and providers.
  • Ensuring that all Elements of Wellness are being addressed adequately to ensure whole health.
  • Striving to maintain a least restrictive placement in all environments

Case Management services must be pre-authorized by your Medicaid MCO and individuals must meet certain qualifications to participate in services.

We encourage you to talk to your therapist, medication provider or primary care physician and request a referral if you are interested in receiving Targeted Case Management services.

You do not have to be receiving therapy or medication management from Astra to receive Targeted Case Management services.